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What’s next….

It is Passover and Easter this week and I feel the strangeness of celebrating Passover, while my friends are preparing for the long weekend and celebrating Easter with their families. It is at times like these that I miss being in Israel... Continue Reading →

Collaging language, culture, and identity

During my doctoral studies, I found myself surrounded by researchers and graduate students who used a variety of art forms to do research. I loved learning about their work and arts-informed research methods. I was inspired to use art in my... Continue Reading →

How to use collage to reflect on just about anything

What you will need: A bunch of magazines with colourful images A sheet of heavy weight paper. (For size I like to use A1 or A2) A glue stick A good pair of scissors A clean workspace (I like to... Continue Reading →

Poetry on the Way

I was on crowded a bus, when I first read a poem by Dionne Brand that touched the very core of me. It was posted like an ad above the windows, as part of a program called Poetry on the Way. Remember? (The program... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons I Love Being Bilingual

Becoming and being bilingual isn't always an easy experience. But to fight the winter blues, I am going to focus on the wonderful experiences that being bilingual offers. If you do a quick search on Google, you will find many blogs and... Continue Reading →

Then and now…

When I was working on my doctoral research, I had to go to the library to read journal articles and borrow books. I used a slow, dial-up internet connection to search the library database. Blogs had yet to be invented. Personal... Continue Reading →

More on International Mother Language Day 2017

I wanted to start off by thanking Tamal, a blogger from Bangladesh, for writing to me about the history of International Mother Language Day. Here is a very brief summary of the reason International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February... Continue Reading →

It’s International Mother Language Day!

On one of my recent expeditions on google, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that February 21st is International Mother Language Day. How could I have missed it all these years? It turns out that United Nations Educational, Scientific... Continue Reading →

Forked Tongues

Out and about in Toronto, or in any of Canada's big cities, hearing a bunch of different languages is not unusual. When I'm not busy thinking about my to do list or the meaning of life, on a crowded streetcar, I enjoy trying... Continue Reading →

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