I was on crowded a bus, when I first read a poem by Dionne Brand that touched the very core of me. It was posted like an ad above the windows, as part of a program called Poetry on the Way. Remember? (The program started in the late 90s and sadly ended in 2012)

I was new to Toronto. It was one of my first Canadian winters, since I left as a child. I was constantly cold, homesick, and lonely. I was so taken by the poem, I ended up buying the book, Land to Light Onand continued to follow Brand’s work long after.

Today, I easily find the book on a shelf, but don’t remember when I last read it. Reading the poem now, I am transported to the feelings it stirred in me close to 20 years ago.

I wonder at the life I have chosen (3)

I am no longer cold, homesick, and lonely; but the poem continues to touch me deeply. I wonder at the life I have chosen; a part of me still wonders where I belong.