It is Passover and Easter this week and I feel the strangeness of celebrating Passover, while my friends are preparing for the long weekend and celebrating Easter with their families. It is at times like these that I miss being in Israel and celebrating with my family.

Though I am happy in Toronto, in my dreams I am often in Israel. Considering all the time I spend dreaming, it is as though I lead a parallel life in my dreams. It reminds me of a hassidic tale of a rich man, who is tortured every night by dreams of poverty, and a poor man in the same village, who dreams every night of a life of plentitude. Which is more fortunate?

If I returned to Israel now after 20 years in Toronto, will my dreams be of Toronto?

I started writing this blog as part of a course I took at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media I thought that returning to a topic that was very important to me in the past would keep me busy.

It was indeed interesting for me to think about what borderlands mean to me now, 10 years after I was immersed in the subject. But, I no longer want to be confined by the topic of language, culture, and identity, as my everyday life often moves beyond them.

While I have continued to read about immigrant and refugee experiences and language maintenance, I am unable to recreate the intensity of my past focus and curiosity. Now that my course is over and my assignment is complete, I wonder what I will write about.

Stay tuned…..